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Purple Festival

How do you make students happy at a festival?
The telephone recharging point, where you can also chill out, was until the last moment of the weekend a well visited point at this (wet) edition of the Purple Festival.

For the launch of a new app, MINGL presents
from this charging point. In the time when students
waiting for their phone to charge, they can download the app and try it out. Students who don't know each other yet will be connected trough this app.

A budget interesting solution to get a lot of attention to pull.

"They work transparently, are creative and listen carefully to my wishes" -DIRK VAN DEN BERG, FONTYS

Purple Festival

Beekse Bergen / Strijp-S

The Purple Festival is the introduction week for the new students of the Fontys. A number of days are dedicated to getting to know their fellow students so that they can get off to a good start in their studies.