Stand Karify- Zorg en ict beurs


Health and ICT fair

At the Health-and-ICT fair, Karify receives potential customers and explains the e-health platform that adapts to the way the care provider works. An optimal mix of on-line and face to face.

In addition to communicating the above message, the appearance of the stand is at least as important. Trust was the starting point for this. Natural materials, plants and warm lighting together with the bright blue house style colour form a warm and modern whole.

"HRK Expo is excellent in both creative conceptualization and project organization. Thanks to them, our trade fair plan is solid as a rock" - ROB VAN OUTERSTERP, MARKETING KARIFY

Zorgtotaal - Health and ICT

Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The healthcare and ICT fair is part of the Zorgtotaal. ICT plays an increasingly important role in healthcare. At the Care and ICT exhibition, visitors are informed about improving care processes and applications. The latest and most innovative ICT solutions are also shown here.

Our projects at Health and ICT trade fair

  • Karify - online portal for healthcare
  • Goelst NL - project design - curtain rail systems
  • STAS - project design - picture hanging systems
  • Gerflor - project design - floors
  • Carezzo - protein enriched food