Stand EWM- metavakbeurs NIL verbindingsweek


Metavak - NIL Connection week

The suppliers of EWM welding equipment have joined forces to put the brand more on the map in the Dutch market during the NIL connection week. For the suppliers also a great opportunity to invite and receive business relations.

This booth, where 9 involved parties come together, where the input comes from different sides, and finally must be come one stand, requires some extra management qualities, but with a good result. The EWM brand has been able to generate more awareness through the combined forces.

Metavak / NIL Connection week

Event Hall Gronichem

The Metavak takes place at the same time as the NIL connection week. This makes it a broadly oriented fair that visited
throughout the metal industry. In addition to showing new solutions, this fair is used to network while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Our projects at Metavak / NIL Connection week

  • Elektrolas - everything around welding
  • EWM - welding products
  • EN1090 software - certificate management