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Naturally beautiful

It’s a trend that we’ve been seeing for some time now, but now it’s really in full bloom: the full use of natural materials and plants at the fair.

isnpiratie groene standbouw

In itself it fits in with the trend of recent years, the whole ‘back to the origins’ hype. Organic and sustainably grown food, knowing where your stuff comes from. It’s of course very sustainable to dress up your stand with plants, because after the fair you just throw everything on the compost heap. The next generation of plants can reap the rewards. An additional advantage: the stand looks fresh and cheerful.

Apart from decorating the stand, more and more furniture and stand components are made from raw natural materials. A counter made of raw fibreboard, or even a complete stand made entirely out of hay. Personally I don’t like the latter, but tastes differ.

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The use of plants at the fair has a number of important advantages in addition to sustainability. For example, research has shown that people become happier and more productive when there are plants in the area. Plants can also be used as an excellent acoustic solution, for example as a partition between tables. Sound is attenuated by the foliage, making it a lot quieter.

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All in all you could almost say that the use of green on the stand has only advantages, but that might be too short. I can imagine that part of the audience will be less happy with this trend: people with hay fever.

Beyond that, I’d say live it up, bring nature in. Whether it’s some plants or grass to replace your carpet, a little green can do a lot. Above all, I think it would be fun to rake the grass instead of vacuuming it!

Take a look at the Pinterest page of HRK Expo for more inspiration.

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