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Webwinkel Vakdagen

HRK Expo guided the customer in their first participation in In3. The result was a beautiful, open and accessible stand at the Webwinkel Vakdagen in Utrecht. The stand concept was developed based on a flyer and the question how In3 could best present itself at the fair. Everything is presented 'In3'; 3 rings above the stand, 3 sitting corners with 3 stools, 3 hostesses, etc.

At the Webwinkel Vakdagen trade fair in Utrecht, visitors are introduced to In3. Pay in 3 times with 0% interest. You know it: you want to buy a product but that's just outside your budget. Or you have to spend a large amount of money when it's not convenient. Often you go for the lesser alternative. Thanks to in3 you don't have to do that anymore.

In3 is the only spread payment method without interest or BKR registration. With in3 pay in 3 times within 60 days. The first payment on the day of your purchase, 30 days later the 2nd payment follows and after 60 days you make payment number 3. Without costs; you don't pay a penny more than when you pay in one time. In3 makes your favorite products accessible.