Goelst NL

R+T Stuttgart

With its own product development, assembly, project and service department Goelst is able to answer almost any question in the field of curtain rails. Goelst delivers total solutions and is happy to take on challenging custom assignments. At the exhibition R+T in Stuttgard Goelst shows this to the visitors!

HRK Expo has designed a great stand. A corner stand with a video wall and a real bar with a real kitchen. Goelst has its own cook on the stand who prepares delicious fresh dishes on the spot. The dishes are transported over the bar by means of a curtain rail. A true eyecather!

The bar tables on the stand are made to measure and fitted with opening flaps under which the various product samples are beautifully highlighted. All curtains can be operated electrically and the 'green' wall is impregnated.