Before we really start, let’s introduce

Mr Standman - blog01

I am Jeroen, 36 years old, and live in beautiful Eindhoven. More than three years ago I started as an independent entrepreneur, to make journalistic products in that capacity. In addition to writing, I often work in stand construction and I like to make beautiful things in people’s homes. Versatility, freedom and above all cosiness…

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Naturally beautiful

inspiratie groene standbouw

It’s a trend that we’ve been seeing for some time now, but now it’s really in full bloom: the full use of natural materials and plants at the fair. In itself it fits in with the trend of recent years, the whole ‘back to the origins’ hype. Organic and sustainably grown food, knowing where your…

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Up the paths, down the avenues

Mr Standman - blog03-standbouwers

It’s back on! The campsites, hotels and AirBnB’s where most stand builders have celebrated their well deserved holidays will be exchanged for workshops, offices or fairs. The new stand building season has started again. The batteries have been recharged when the time is right, from both the stand builders and their families. And that’s necessary…

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