HRK Expo stand design and construction

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    The advantages of working with a driven team helping you realize the company goal on your next exhibition.

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    with professional geeks, HRK Expo is widely deployable and always has a suitable solution.

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    We are HRK Expo, a group of experienced stand builders who work together on the most beautiful projects that contribute to achieving your goals!

Recent project HRK Expo

Strategy and Marketing

A successful trade fair is only possible if the goal is known. It is therefore important to clarify this first.

Concept and design

This is where marketing, 3D and 2D design come together. These three disciplines together ensure that you can communicate through your stand.

Signing and decoration

A separate profession that is inextricably linked to stand construction. It is the finishing touch to the stand.

Construction and preparation

We often work with a great deal of time pressure during the construction phase. For this reason, good work preparation is essential.

Assembly and disassembly

Long days, lots of coffee, bad music and a nice vibe. Ingredients to build a beautiful stand in a few days.

Storage and transport

The last two disciplines needed to deliver a project turnkey and the right aftercare.

Founder of HRK Expo and connector of specialists!

standbouw & standontwerp

Bart van der Ham

With over 20 years of experience, I translate exhibition strategies into high-quality and creative stand concepts. It is my motivation to bring together the best team of specialists for each hrkexpo project.

Mission of HRK Expo

Stand construction and stand development:
Because we believe that the stand construction world is in need of innovation, as hrkexpo professionals we have a different approach. By working together as a cooperative, we can make the most of our qualities. We are more efficient, independent of traditional working methods, and above all we enjoy working.

Our aim is to ensure that every position we achieve is a substantial one. Contribution to the succes of your exhibition participation. By thinking along intensively, also in the field of strategy and communication, HRK Expo delivers a creative but above all effective design.

HRK Expo also strive for the maximum result in the realization of the stand. The level of finishing that we achieve time and again is completely too high. Thanks to a highly motivated and committed team who know what they are doing through years of experience in the exhibition world.

Our clients

HRK Expo works transparently, is creative and above al they listen carefully to my wishes.

Dirk van den Berg, Fonty's communication

HRK Expo thinks along with the client and monitors the corporate identity. They are easily accessible and the personal contact is very pleasant.

Laura Verstappen, marketing en communication - Stas

The thinking, involvement and speed of HRK Expo really appealed to me. 

Ralph Gomersback, commercial director Heutink projectinrichting

The cooperation with HRK Expo was very good, as was the involvement both before and after the fair.

Maxim de Rooy, director Indupol

Excellent work delivered by HRK Expo with original ideas, in addition a pleasant personality to work with.

Joost van den Hooven, director Elektrolas

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